We are pleased to announce that Aurosync is now starting its consulting vertical with a dedicated team of industry veterans to look after the requirements of various industry verticals.

We plan to provide Strategic consulting, Financial consulting, Brand consulting and HR consulting services.
The purpose of our strategic team is to develop and execute marketing strategy with the objective of strengthening the brand in line with the corporate purpose at the time of Covid-19.

We help in figuring out disruption in industry through research. We aim to devise the recovery plan to bounce back and to stabilize the organization’s growth in the market. We also work on detailed plans to scale up the business quickly by addressing the immediate challenges that Covid-19 represent to institution workforce, customers technology and business partners.

Services we think to provide are

  • Management Consulting
  • Tech Business Consulting
  • Brand / portfolio Consulting
  • Financial consulting
  • HR Consulting
  • Digital transformation
  • Licensing for Business
  • Supply Chain Consulting
  • SAP Strategic Consulting